hey guyz guess who is back to writting gay smut about genesis ! it’s me/

but yeah, even though my writting is fictional I do a lot of reserch so that the stories seem real and I capture the way they would behave and what not.

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drew Peter Gabriel with that stupid face he makes when he’s had it. I know he’s a dumb butt , yet for some reason he makes me so happy <3

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another sketch that I wanted to color and clean up

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I had this sketch in a WIP folder for a while and I really wanted to finish it

also I did it with flat colors, a slight gradient and last years spring colors coral and teal ,but what really matters is that it’s Peter and Phil and they are cute and I love their size difference <3

Philter really gives me energy to live.

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OMG thank you thank you! and thank you for still being with me even through all the prog rock stuff wow! <3 C:

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Yup I did it guys, I made a gay picture of Sailor phil collins and a Lamia Peter Gabriel, You’re welcome and everyone can go home now.

I’m honestly so happy how this turned out! Yes it’s so stupid but it makes me so happy to draw these dumb butts in weird situations, I’m living the dream guys ~

I used a reference for the background, i’m posting wips/screenshots next

Phil looks nervous because he wants to put his dick in it but he doesn’t know where , yup that’s the core message I want you to take from this.

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in colors because I could not resist

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So I was talking to my boyfriend last the other day and I told him I always wondered if old rockers put their hair up in ponytails to get it out of their face and in a nice cute way , not a douchey slick back ponytail way.

ALSO I am laughing because Phil looks like he belongs in a metal band

and I am having some weird thoughts about my Mike drawing, like I’m kinda turned on, maybe that loser should have worn his hair up and maybe we’d be having a different convo

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I’m working on a picture of peter and phill and asjdhnsajdnjan yeah

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The fact that your drawing of Peter Gabriel wound up on a porn blog shall be a source of many laughs to come. But yeah, your art is so beautiful!

ahhh! Thank you ! you’re making my heart feel all nice and ughh it makes me so happy, thank you!

Do you ever consider using women in your fanfics? Or even trans? The possibilities are endless! :D

Well in prog the only lady I know is the lady from renaissance really, but I love Joan jett and the runaways  but I don’t think I could write a fic about them, I don’t know much about them really, If I was a well read  fan of them the sure, then I would feel feel comfortable writing their personalities and such.

But I do have female characters and trans characters in my original comics about my original characters but that has no relation to the prog/classic rock fandom.

I’m curious as to which ladies you had in mind though, let me know if you see this C:

Holy shit, your drawing are fucking beautiful >w<

omg Thank you so much !

Thank you really, That’s so nice of you to say!! :D

Here’s the sketch in case anyone likes to see how my completed drawings start off

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It was a sketch that got out of hand and then it became my most beautiful piece to date….

The first picture of anything prog I drew was actually a watcher of the skies picture.

stars on cape and bat wings are hand drawn by me, the other ones are photoshop brushes, pose is reference.

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a bunch of hetero porn blogs followed me and someone running a hetero explict pin up art blog reblogged me because of that peter picture of him getting pounded in the bathroom but I don’t think they realize that it’s not a lady getting a ticket to poundtown but this guy


One of these is not like the other

But I am supper flattered tho , but who knows maybe they are into gay old rockers ,what do I know.

then again you can’t see his face or dingdong and he is wearing a dress but it says who it is in the description

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